Conference Program

Thursday 16 November

8:45 Registration and coffee
9:30 Plenary opening
  Room 1 Room 16 Room 17 Room 18
10:00 Planning for non-functional requirements in Agile projects

Johan Peeters & Paul Dyson
The 3 XP Loops

Vera Peeters & Pascal Van Cauwenberghe
Agile Planning

Hans Keppens & Sven Gorts

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Coding Tournament

Lasse Koskela & Markus Hjort
11:00 15 min break

What is Agile Software Development

Rob Westgeest & Willem van den Ende

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Test-driven development on a large scale project

Jan Van Reusel

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12:30 Lunch
13:30 Help mijn team is in oorlog!

Ignace Hanoulle & Yves Hanoulle
Intro to SCRUM

Joseph Pelrine
Is JUnit overdesigned?

Vera Peeters
Getting Things Done: Agility for your Life

Bernard Vander Beken
15:00 30 min break
15:30 CONTINUED Agile applied on the largest J2EE project in the Benelux

Johan Lybaert
Agile Factors

Rachel Davies & Steve Freeman
A Fugue about Paradigms and Functional Programming

Emmanuel Gaillot & Christophe Thibaut
17:00 Plenary closing
17:15 Drinks sponsored by Logo Atmoz Consult



Friday 17 November

9:00 Registration and coffee
9:30 Plenary opening
  Room 6 Room 1 Room 16 Room 17 Room 18
How can your business benefit from agile
Agile Development Workshop

Kathleen Cornelis & Jan Van Reusel
The Toyota Way of Managing

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe
Turning up the heat (without getting burnt)

Joseph Pelrine & Ben Fuchs
Introducing unit tests to a large evolving application

Dirk Maegh & Olivier Costa

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11:00 15 min break
11:15 CONTINUED Continuous Integration

Vera Peeters & Sven Gorts

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CONTINUED Difficult Conversations

Hans Keppens & Vladimir Blagojevic
12:30 Lunch
13:30 OPEN SPACE Refactoring: Trimming your design for agile development

Sven Gorts

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Storytelling with FIT

Steve Freeman & Mike Hill
Resistance as a Resource

Lasse Koskela
Project Status: Writing On The Walls

Emmanuel Gaillot & Christophe Thibaut
15:00 15 min break
15:15 Building up an agile test strategy

Anko Tijman
CONTINUED Presentation Zen

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe & Vera Peeters
See the session description for links to the movies and the presentations made during the session
Haste makes waste. - Oh no it does not!

Rob Westgeest, Tjakko Kleinhuis, Willem van den Ende
16:45 Plenary closing


Closing drinks

Interactive Presentation the presenters will explain something to the audience, but you can expect some lively discussions!
Tutorial with exercises, simulation the presenters will guide you through a predefined excercise, you will learn by experience!
Think tank, workshop the audience has to do the work! You will be asked to do some creative thinking!