Beware of Agility

dangers of blind adoption

Organizers: Sven Gorts & Olivier Costa

Adoption of agile development practices is usually presented as a success story leading to increased productivity, better quality and higher job satisfaction. In practice, the ‘other side’ of a team’s story isn’t always that glorious. In Beware of Agility we will talk about this 'other side' of the story, dangers of blind adoption and common problems related to agile development practices.

  • Promise of Agility
    • benefits promised
  • Processes, Practices, Problems
    • unit testing
    • refactoring
    • pair programming
    • continuous integration
    • collective ownership
  • Discussion

Process & Timetable:
We hope to trigger some reactions from the audience and will therefore limit the time presenting to a maximum of forty minutes. Should we have a less interactive audience, the remaining time will be used for discussion.
Session Format:
Interactive presentation with much room for discussion
Intended Audience:
We intend our session to be accessible for a broad audience. All welcome.
Benefits of participating:
By attending our session participants are invited to think more critical about agile development, share and learn from each others experiences
Benefits of organizing:
We want to learn about the practical problems of adopting agile development.