Retrospective patterns and anti-patterns.

Organizers: Ilse Dierickx & Jan Van Reusel

Give an overview of iteration retrospective techniques and lessons learned in the Cegeka Software Factory.


The Cegeka software factory has several agile projects running. The composition and size of the teams is different between projects and their retrospectives therefore require another approach. Also during the life-cycle of a project, variation in retrospective style may be required to avoid routine and to address the specific needs of the phase of the project. We will present techniques we have applied and the lessons we have learned in pattern format.

Session Format:

Interactive presentation & case study

Intended Audience:

Apprentice, journeyman & master
Benefits of participating:
Retrospectives are crucial in an agile process, however you have to keep them effective. The participants will learn to recognise if their retrospective is effective through patterns and anti-patterns.
Benefits of organizing:
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