Talking the Senior Management language

An interactive session to exchange ideas and opinions in relation to how to convince senior management to improve and invest in a better development methods and tools. It identifies senior management expectations and concerns in relation to the five focus areas of IT governance and to address the typical concerns of senior management.

Organizer: Georges Ataya


Presentation of the IT Governance and Senior Management concerns whitin the five IT Governance focus areas:

- Business-IT alignment: Whet are we developping, investing and operating that is key to our strategy
- Value generation: How to generate a value from all our activities and investments
- Risk management: How to avoid an enbterprise risk (not reaching obectives, financial losses, security risks, unaccepted delays)
- Resources management: How can we better inventory and manage our ressources? What architecture has more long term value? What technical decisions could be directly translated into business results/impacts?
- Performance measurement: What performances measures to put in place to keep the visibility of our objectives and of the process progress to attaining them.

Run a short open discussion asking attendees their experience and opinion on their management positions and expectations: They will be asked their perception on their management's concerns in relation the the five mentioned focus areas. The speaker shall add his own experience when necessary (if audience is more silent). (10’)

Run a discussion leading to presenting experiences and some war stories in relation to application development activities by participants and by the speaker. This will result in a series of listed concerns that shall be addressed in the remainder of the session. (10’).

Share of experiences in approaches leading to display creation of value and reduction of risk. Identify and inventory those responses to management reaction that could strenghten attendees positions, formulation of reasonnable courses of actions and reactivity to management decisions (20’). Thos will be aimed at addressing issues related to Agile methods:
- how can we explain to senior management that our proposals to introduce agile methods address their concerns?
- What is required from Executive Management ?

Open discussion over attendees’ actions to act and improve relationship with management and how to address their concerns through the proactive use of the five IT Governance focus areas.  example: 1) How to justify agile development through a better value creation (reduce cost), IT Alignment (faster result) while acting on risk (controlled process and limited risks through peformance measures); 2) how to justify specific architecture decisions through better ressources management and reduced risk; etc. (20’)

Conclusions, e-books, free references, web links and further readings in relation to IT Governance, Board members concerns and value creation (10’)

Intended Audience:

Systems architects, developers, development managers, IT managers, consultants, management consultants, security managers, Project Management Office, Risk Managers, Users

Benefits of participating:

Understanding the language and expectations of senior management, develop Value and risk related argumentation to support improvement activities, Sharing opinion with other organisations, learning about what currently drives senior and IT managers. Participants shall gain in better recognizing manager's concerns and gaining successful approaches.