XP Days Benelux, the annual agile conference, will be held on November 20th and 21st 2008 in Eindhoven.

Send in a proposal

Organizing a session is the best way to learn from a conference. It provides an opportunity to share your experiences, to get feedback on your ideas, and to try new session formats. Up to two presenters per session get free passes to the conference.

Collaborative and iterative proposal improvement

In the agile spirit, creating session proposals is a collaborative and iterative process. As soon as you propose a session, the program committee and your fellow session proposers will give you feedback to improve your session and proposal. We expect you to provide feedback on the other proposals. We welcome first time presenters. Ask for help from the program committee if you're not sure how to create your proposal or how to structure your session.

We expect feedback in the "Perfection Game" format:
  • Give a score out of 10 (optional)
  • Explain the strong points of the proposal. Why did the proposal earn that score?
  • Explain in concrete and actionable steps what would be needed to make the proposal and session perfect.

Send in your proposals early and take the feedback into account to release the best possible session proposal by the session submission deadline of August 1st, 2008.

Don't wait until the last moment to submit your session proposal, that's so "waterfall". Submit your session early, give and receive feedback, improve your proposal iteratively so that you can release the highest quality session proposal by August 1st.

After the submission deadline, the conference program committee will select the sessions for the program. We want a good balance of different formats and subject matters  that are suited for participants with different levels of experience. We will let you know if your session was selected by the beginning of September.

Sending in your proposal

Send in your session proposal to sessions

Include this information in your proposal:
  • Title
  • Objective(s) of the session: what do you expect participants to get out of this session?
  • Contents: describe the content of the session. Make it clear and attractive to the potential participants.
  • Format and length. Formats can include presentations, simulations, games, workshops, open space...
  • Organizer(s) and contact information: provide name, e-mail and a brief biography of the presenter(s)
  • Process and timetable: explain how you will run the session
  • Intended audience and prerequisites: who will benefit from this session? Do you expect them to have certain knowledge or experience? Have a look at the Personas to get ideas about what participants want out of XP Days.
  • What do the presenters expect to learn from the session?
  • Materials needed, room layout, limitations...: do you need certain materials (projector, flipcharts, whiteboards...) or a specific room layout? Are there limits on the number of participants?
The items in bold will appear on the conference program and are intended for participants. The other items are intended for reviewers and the program committee.