I am working within Healthcare IT for over 13 years, starting out as a service engineer (installations, upgrades, bug fixing & integration development) which is one of the better ways to customer driven development. From there on we went to software engineer, team lead, group lead to production manager, isn't this typical waterfall?

Anyway, back to the agile world ... there we take up the role as Product Owner for 3 scrum teams as well as fulfilling the role of Scrum Coach within a 4 headed scrum coaching or rather scrum help desk team. As I see things I have been working Agile since ... always but only started to tune it to a real proven implementation (Scrum) since beginning 2007. During this process we are trying to lower the typical waterfall pyramids in the organization as well as educate people outside the R&D organization like sales for example, a tough but rewarding quest.

Even though I was not intending to follow a certification course I did it anyway for the reasons that it was extended with a cooking event and it was given by Jeff Sutherland. I probably learned more during the cooking event than the course itself, especially from Jeff since he has a lot of experience within the Healthcare domain.

So now you know my main interests: Agile & Healthcare IT for more info I invite you to http://www.linkedin.com/in/jurgendesmet