Conference Program

Thursday 20 November
08:30 Registration & coffee
09:30 Opening plenary
  Room 115 Room 111 Room 110 Tuinzaal Room 42
10:00 Responsibility-driven Design with Mocking

Marc Evers, Willem van den Ende & Rob Westgeest
The Best Way to Introduce Agile?

Nicole Belilos
Is your team within the comfort zone of SCRUM?

Vladimir Blagojevic , Olivier Biot, Nick Boucart & Wim Codenie
How SCRUM saved the Internet

Lars Vonk & Trudy Prins

Dimensional Planning for Fixed Price projects

Koen Van Exem & Martien van Knippenburg
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 End-to-End Continuous Integration

Xavier Quesada & Alex Snaps
So now you're an Agilist...What's next?

Jurgen Appelo
Agile Metrics

Dave Nicolette
Presentation and more information
An Ericsson example of Enterprise Agility

Jasper Goos & Marc Verschueren
Using Mingle for Agile Planning

Koen De Hondt
Project template
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Testing your Tests

Markus Hjort & Tuomas Karkkainen

Laurent Bossavit
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Why me?

Portia Tung & Pascal Van Cauwenberghe
Download the game
Paircoaching Agile Game

Yves Hanoulle & Ignace Hanoulle
Coaching self-organizing teams

Joseph Pelrine & Ben Fuchs
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 The Invariant Game

Matteo Vaccari
Invariant Game Problembook
The Top 9 pitfalls of adopting SCRUM

Cesario Ramos & Eelco Gravendeel
Critical Chain

Christophe Thibaut & Olivier Pizzato
17:15 Closing
17:45 Working with Resistance - Olivier Costa & Frank Vanhoeck
18:15 Drinks sponsored by inxin_logo
19:00 Dinner

  Games Night


Friday 21 November
08:30 Registration & coffee
09:30 Opening plenary
  Room 115 Room 111 Room 110 Tuinzaal Room 42
10:00 Seeking to perceive more than to be perceived

Emmanuel Gaillot & Bernard Notarianni
English Handout
French Handout
SCRUM Board Game

Wim van de Goor & Stefan van den Oord
My language is bigger than yours!

Arnaud Bailly & Christophe Thibaut
One year of introducing Agile in a large organisation

Didier Blanjean & Jan Verstrepen
Dirty Jobs

Rob Westgeest & Tjakko Kleinhuis
11:00 Coffee break

Rutger Dijkstra
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Overcoming Resistance to Change

Dave Nicolette & Lasse Koskela
The Business Value Game

Vera Peeters, Pascal Van Cauwenberghe & Portia Tung
Download the game
At the riverside - Continuous Integration with Hudson

Martin Heider
Distributed SCRUM at Dutch Railways

Jan Vermeir
Eliminating Waste

Patrick Steyaert, Wim Bollen
14:30 Coffee break
14:45 Executable story specifications with RSpec

Rob Westgeest & Willem van den Ende
Agile Distribution. How to maintain velocity when distributing teams

Eelco Rustenburg
Requirement decomposition, how far do we go?

Jurgen De Smet & Marco Busschots
Presentation slides
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Both sides of the story! Go out and motivate people to make exciting changes

Gino Marckx & Bernard Vander Beken
Presentation / Handout
Hey Scrummaster! Let the team decide!

Lieven Baeyens, Peter Janssens & Patrick Debois
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 10 things that can derail with Agile... and how to prevent it

Tim Pijpops & Jan Van Reusel
Using XP+Scrum for medical software

Christ Vriens & Erik Bos
Poker for Pros

Jasper Goos & Mark Urban
17:15 Closing and drinks sponsored by Rally logo small
Technology and technique
Team and individual
Process and improvement
Customer and planning
Cases and intros