Presenter: Martin Heider

Objective(s) of the session

After this session the participants should be able to set up Hudson for simple projects. Furthermore they should get an impression about the advanced features of Hudson and how they compare to CruiseControl possibilities. Together with the closing questions and problems discussion participants have a good knowledge base if Hudson could be their tool for continuous integration.

Intended audience and prerequisites

Developers, architects, integrators and agile coaches.


For agile projects continuous integration (CI) is already “state of the art”. In many cases CruiseControl the mother of all CI applications is used. While CruiseControl is well known, it is also a little bit aged. As consequence new applications in the slipstream of CruiseControl try to implement the requirements for rapid feedback and transparency regarding project state and trends better. One of these new stars at the CI heaven is Hudson (winner of this years Duke’s Choice Awards 2008 in the category developer tools), which will be presented in this session.

We will demonstrate, how easy a CI Server can be started and configured for existing projects. Furthermore following topics will be addressed for CI experts

  • Authentication and Authorization – Who is allowed to do what?
  • Fingerprint Tracking – Which build uses which artifacts?
  • Master und Slaves – Distribution of builds on several machines
  • Pipelining of builds – Faster and better feedback
  • Monitoring of already existing automated processes (e.g. cron jobs)
  • Remote access API for easy programmatic access
  • Extension via plugins
Last but not least we will provide a short comparison between our old lady CruiseControl and the upcoming challenger Hudson. We will provide time for discussion, where you can bring up CI problems and questions or share your experiences and knowledge with us and the other participants.

Format and length: 60 Minutes, including demo, presentation and short discussion for problems and questions