Dirty Jobs

Presenters: Rob Westgeest Tjakko Kleinhuis

Objective(s) of the session

When starting unittesting on an existing project we are often confronted with code that is difficult to test initially. Dependencies are often poorly managed, and even writing the first unittest seems a sheer impossible task. Where, how do you start? Why is it you? Can you still leave before it is too late? Can anybody help?

Participants will discover techniques to add features safely to a legacy codebase, avoiding pitfalls like task-scope-creep.

Intended audience

Everyone who needs to work with existing code and systems

Participants should bring a laptop. One laptop per pair required.


Participants will be supplied with a working system. However the code will not be too nice. This is our scrapheap. They are challenged to add feature(s) to the heap using test driven development. Time will be too limited to retrofit tests on the existing code. After doing this we will discuss the results and show some of the techniques we use.

Format and length: 120 min hands-on programming experience. Code will most probably be in java.