Presenters: Jasper Goos and Marc Verschueren.


Participants can learn more about Agile in the large: the introduction process, the benefits it brings, the resistance you might face and how to overcome that.

Intended audiences

Everyone who is interested in a real-life large scale Agile story.


The Agile ways of working are spreading throughout Ericsson. In some cases replacing existing process parts and in other cases complementing Ericsson’s processes. The presenters of this session have been leading and participating in a change process of one year and a half at the time of the conference.

A few years ago a huge change in processes and disciplines to significantly reduce the time to market was introduced. To see if further reduction can be established without sacrificing quality and to communicate closer with the customer a change program to introduce Agile has started.

The introduction started in clean cut development teams. But where exactly does development begin and end? Agile from sales to maintenance? Applying agile practices on team level has distinct benefits. But making a large organization lean is a tougher change process. A huge change in both our culture and processes. Can we introduce Agile without loosing the good things, the experience and the knowledge of the past?

In the past employees have become specialists, with lots of knowledge in their domain or expertise area. It has not been uncommon to group this expertise in departments. Because of this approach borders exist between customers and sales, architects and the development team and between the developers and the testers. Does Agile help crossing these borders?

We introduced Agile step by step; first in the development teams, then gradually front end and back end activities. But what does such cultural change mean to development teams? How does it impact their way of working? We will explain how different specialists formed one self-managed team with multi-disciplinary people. Teams start taking more initiatives, are more creative and try new things.

The introduction is clarified from two points of view: from a manager involved in the introduction process and from a team member.

Format and length: 60 minute-session.