Presenter: Lars Vonk & Trudy Prins

Objective: Share experiences, (the good, the bad and the ugly) about what Scrum did for the organization and the Internet in short term and long term.

The RIPE NCC is a Regional Internet Registry; being a non-profit monopolist, the organisation has quite a unique position in the world. The organisation's Software Engineering department now works with Scrum for almost 2 years.

Intended audience: Basically anyone interested in hearing experience report on what Scrum can do for your organization.


1.      RIPE NCC Case Study

  • Who are we, RIPE NCC and Xebia
  • What was the problem
  • Why Scrum and Agile

2.      Introducing Scrum

  • How did we start
  • What were the biggest problems and how did we solve them
  • What were the biggest mistakes we made
  • What were the biggest successes – The Internet is rescued!

3.      Cultural Effect

  • What effect did Scrum had on the team
  • What effect did Scrum had on Management
  • What effect did Scrum had on the end user or client

Format and length:  Presentation, approx 1 hour, including questions