Presenters: Didier Blanjean & Jan Verstrepen

Objective(s) of the session:

Present our success and failure stories that we implemented in the first year to attempt introducing Agile in our company (Atos Worldline).

Intended audience

Everyone that wants to introduce agility in its company:

  • Developers
  • Customer's representatives
  • Managers (people, project and and top management)
  • Coaches

Contents :

Atos Worldline (formerly Banksys, subdivision of Atos Origin) is a European leader in electronic transactions. In order to improve efficiency, time-to market and customer satisfaction, different teams in the engineering department started to implement Agile practices and we have been proposed to lead the introduction of these changes in the company.

Thanks to the help of Agile coaches (Pascal Van Cauwenberghe, Vera Peeters, Yves Hanoulle, Johan Peeters), we chose to run  "the agile introduction project" as a real agile project:

  • The goals of the project were rewritten as stories
  • Acceptance tests were defined for each story of the project
  • Retrospective sessions were organized every month so that progress could be measured and blocking problems could be identified
  • A Planning Game was done every month to define an action plan for the coming month based on the cost and business value of each story. 
  • During the montly planning game, each team defined their customized stories based on their needs and issues (customer's requirements), and so for each team next steps for the upcoming month could be defined.
  • ...

In this session we will present on a month-by-month basis the successes and failures we ran up against during the first year, how we measured our progresses, how we tackled the issues (lot of “habits” and conservative attitudes, narrow mind-set, silos and a lot of specialists, legacy code in C, lot of procedures and certifications, etc.) and how we managed this introduction in different teams at the same time.

This is our neverending story.

Format and length: Presentation of 45 minutes