Presenters: Lieven Baeyens, Peter Janssens & Patrick Debois


To get insight into the delicate balance between - respecting the self organization of a team - and the urging feeling to apply your authority and imply changes as Scrum master.

Presentation of Results + Roleplaying. (+/- 90 minutes)

Intended audience:

Anyone involved in scrum management: Scrum masters, coaches, product owner, team leads We would briefly explain the self-organizing concept in Scrum, so in depth Scrum knowledge is not an absolute requirement. Any managerial experience is welcome to feed the discussion.


A self-organizing team is a powerful concept. But what if the team collectively decides to go into a direction that you as a Scrum Master know for sure that they will hit problems. (or at least you think)

F.i. they decide to abandon retrospectives. Will you respect their decision or will you try to change it? Would you go for option 1) respect the team or 2) try to convince the team away from their decision.

Format and length:90 min workshop