Both sides of the story! Go out and motivate people to make exciting changes

Presenters: Gino Marckx & Bernard Vander Beken


Learn how to focus on the things that make organisational changes work, motivate people and reduce your level of frustration.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Everybody who ever needed other people to accomplish something, and succeeded or failed in doing so. Both success stories and nightmares are necessary to make this workshop a success.


When I first started introducing agile techniques, I became easily frustrated. People didn't seem to understand the benefits of the proposed changes, so they didn't implement them. To me, it seemed like they weren't motivated to improve their way of working.

But what if introducing agile techniques doesn't have to be this way? What if the process can be frustration-free? What if people understand the benefits of the changes and are motivated to execute them? What if these changes succeed and tackle the real issues?

Stephen Covey's writings on the circle of influence made me realize what I could do better. By focusing on the things I could change myself, I decreased my level of frustration. In turn, implementing successful changes actually increased my circle and the influence I had on others. By valuing the individuals and the interactions between them, I could make changes happen more effectively.
So I was not alone in this agile world!
Neither are you!

In this workshop, you will connect with people who work in similar situations. Using role-play, key scenarios and tools from Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", you help each other articulate and solve problems related to introducing agile techniques.

First you will learn how to categorize the problem, learn to recognize the root problem, learn which people are involved in the problem and learn why you cannot directly influence it.

Second you will learn why people involved are reluctant to change, what change you can affect, and how you can involve these key people.

But most important, you will leave the session with specific ideas to work on your worst frustration!

Use this technique effectively and you will

  • Drastically reduce your level of frustration
  • Successfully motivate people to change
  • Make changes exciting (..., because they really work!)

Format and length: Workshop, 90 minutes