Presenters: Cesario Ramos and Eelco Gravendeel

Objective(s) of the session:
The objective of this session is to share the proposed top 10 Scrum pitfalls we encountered when introducing Scrum at different companies in various industries. A second objective is to have a group discussion about them to share other pitfalls and solutions and come up with an improved top 10.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

People who are thinking about using Scrum or are already using Scrum but do not see the promised results in their day to day work.

The top 10 pitfalls will be presented with solutions that worked for us. After this a group discussion will start using the Fishbowl format. We will discuss pitfalls on all levels and topics of Scrum and agile in general.

Wa are having a series of articles published at the AgileJournal. See Top 9 challenges of adopting Scrum for the first part of this series.

 Format and length.: 90 min Interactive presentation with group discussion.