What is XP Days Benelux?

xpdays_2014_logo_smallXP Days Benelux is an international conference where we learn to bring software to life and grow mature systems that support business needs.

It provides an excellent environment for exchanging ideas, hands-on exercises and extreme experiences.

The best way to understand what XP Days is, is to experience it. The second best way is to see XP Days participants and organisers in action.:

Session materials

The program pages contain the links to presentations and resources of the essions.

Feedback and pictures

We have feedback from participants, photos and articles about the conference.

Conference over

You can pay by bank transfer or with a credit card. The payment page has all the necessary payment information. Contact us at registrations if you have any questions or remarks about registration or payment.

Thanks to our sponsors

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Thanks to the Community

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Your Hosts

Presenters & Program

organizer_peter organizer_merlijn

Peter and Merlijn ensure that you get a great program and that presenters have everything they need to present great sessions

Contact sessions for all matters related to the program

Participants & Venue

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Thien Que and Peter ensure that there's a great location with tasty food and refreshing drinks and that participants have everything they need to get the most value out of the conference

Contact registrations for all matters related to participating in the conference

Marketing and Logistics

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Ruud and Ron ensure that everybody knows about XP Days and that all the materials are in place to run the conference smoothly

Contact marketing for all practical stuff

Sponsoring & Finance

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Thien Que and Pascal ensure that sponsors and participants get the best information and value for money

Contact accounts if you have any questions about sponsoring or about your invoice.

With the support of the Agile Systems team

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Vera, Rob, Marc and Pascal run Agile Systems as a "platform" that helps conference organizers organize great events on the subjects of agility, systems thinking and everything related to those subjects.