The call for sessions is now closed

What are we looking for?


What are you looking for? What would make it a WOW session for you and our participants?

We're interested in:

The XP Days community loves highly interactive sessions where everyone participates and learns from each other.

During review and selection, your session will receive bonus points when…

How does it work?

You propose your idea for a session: a title and a short description.From then on, organizers and session proposers work together to refine and improve your proposal, adding more information and improving the description and session content. We’ll give feedback and provide opportunities for try-outs. In return, we expect from you that you help others to turn their idea into a WOW session.


DateWhat happens?Status
17/05Submit session ideas, improve them and provide feedback to othersDONE
05/07End of submissions. You can continue to improve existing proposalsBUSY
10/08You select the sessions you want to see in the programBUSY
end of AugustThe XP Days program committee creates the program based on your preferences and contacts presenters to announce accepted and rejected sessions 
early SeptemberProgram published 
until the conferenceKeep improving your session, give feedback run tryouts of your session, work with the organizers to prepare for the conference